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Data Management for ShareFile

The partnership between Citrix and NetApp is expending to cover the user data mobility use case. Recently, NetApp created a plugging –NRM-CS v1.1– to automate file recovery within Citrix ShareFile on-premise storage solutions.

This new plugin leverages NetApp Snap technologies –Snapshot, SnapVault, and SnapMirror- to instantly recover files previously deleted from the system by users.

Now, ShareFile administrators who manage on-premises data hosted on NetApp storage have a seamless way of restoring lost files and folders. By providing a free integration with Citrix StorageCenter, NetApp improves your data management.

Citr!x Ready – Netapp-recovery-manager-for-citrix-sharefile



Updated ShareFile Solution Guide

ShareFile on-premise solution guide – Technical Report 4124 – is now published.
This update includes best practices on the NetApp Recovery Manager v1.1 and additional recommendations for Citrix ShareFile deployments.


Quick 6 min video on the new automated file recovery for ShareFile

NRM-CS new version — NetApp Recovery Manager for Citrix ShareFile Version 1.1 — is now available from NetApp NOW site.

Check out the friendly management interface that support Snapshot, Snapvault and Snapmirror. Thanks to the combine effort from Citrix and NetApp, your users will never lose a file…

Link to the download page:




Register to Citrix Sessions at #NTAPInsight

Citrix -Platinum sponsor for Insight and strategic NetApp partner- is running some key sessions at Insight. Don’t forget to register to attend these sessions at Insight -#NTAPINsight.

Session: VI-2-911
Title: Simplify Data Sharing and Storage with Citrix ShareFile and NetApp

Bootcamp: VI-2-910
Title: Desktop Virtualization redefined with Citrix XenDesktop 7

Title: Expert Partner Forum session on Citrix

LogoSFBlogVI-2-911 Abstract: According to analyst research, users from 80%+ Fortune 500 companies use unmanaged cloud storage increasing great corporate data leakage and security risks. To help IT regain control, Citrix offers ShareFile, an enterprise-class, IT-managed, follow-me data service. Citrix ShareFile gives IT the flexibility to store data in Citrix-managed cloud storage, on premise or both. Citrix has partnered with NetApp to provide customers with a high-performance storage option to deploy ShareFile on premise, with data never leaving customer’s data center.

In this session you will learn:

–        How ShareFile provides secure data access as part of Citrix’s enterprise mobility solutions.
–        Technical deep dive on ShareFile On-Premise architecture and features: StorageZones and Active Directory Integration.
–        Technical NetApp integrations with ShareFile.

VI-2-910 Abstract: Citrix recently released XenDesktop 7, a truly re-designed unified solution to deliver cloud-ready application and desktop service delivery from any type of private, public and hybrid cloud. Through embedded cloud integration XenDesktop 7 simplifies the hardware and storage sizing and planning process by allowing IT admins to deliver both applications and desktops from a single instance to simplify smaller deployments or span deployments across a variety of clouds making it easy to quickly expand the infrastructure footprint and putting less restrictions on upfront planning and sizing. XenDesktop 7 is also more mobile ready than ever providing secure, mobile access to Windows apps on any device and any location.

In this session you will learn:
–        What’s new with Project Avalon and XenDesktop 7 architecture.
–        Technically understand why XenDesktop 7 is mobile and cloud ready.
–        NetApp integrations with XenDesktop, CloudBridge, CloudPlatform and ShareFile.
–        Demos.

An Expert Partner Forum session on Citrix on Citrix where our NetApp Product Manager on Citrix will be covering Citrix desktop virtualization (XenDesktop), enterprise cloud deployments (CloudStack/CloudPlatform) where we have large deployments 40k-100k desktops running on FlexPod in a cloud deployment, and file sharing (on-premise, private cloud ‘dropbox’ like solution) on NetApp with numerous deployments worldwide sharing our roadmap and having an open discussion.