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Scaling out 3D virtual desktops




S5542Scaling Out Virtual GPU with NVIDIA GRID and VMware Horizon

Clint Pearson – IT Systems Lead, HDR Inc.
John Meza – Performance Engineering Team Lead, Esri
Aivars Apsite – Technology Strategist, Metro Health
Pat Lee – Senior Product Manager, VMware
Luke Wignall – Performance Engineering Manager, NVIDIA

Let’s review your design options to provide access for graphical intense applications — MRI, CAD, and others — in a virtual desktop environment. In this session, I will demonstrate the benefits of adding NVIDIA GRID cards to dedicate GPU for horizon View applications. Soon you will be able to virtualize the GPU hardware and share it among multiple View desktops. NVIDIA GRID vGPU on VMware vSphere brings the full benefit of virtualized graphics acceleration on NVIDIA GRID. This technology provides exceptional graphics performance for virtual desktops equivalent to local PCs when sharing a GPU among multiple users.

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NVIDIA® GRID™ Graphics Accelerated Virtual Desktops with Horizon