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Webinar replay VMware and NVIDIA solutions

Florida Atlantic University

VMware and NVIDIA have created some great Youtube content highlighting our joint solution and the benefits it has brought to several major American Universities… If you have some time, I highly recommend you check these out!

Webinar Replay Featuring Iowa State University on NVIDIA and VMware Solutions

Iowa State UniversityIowa State University’s Department of Agronomy discusses how VMware and NVIDIA solutions helped them to deliver one personal VM for every graduate student of Agronomy through the VMware vGPU Early Access Program.

Webinar Replay Featuring Florida Atlantic University & Old Dominion University

Florida Atlantic University2Features the College of Engineering & Computer Science at Florida Atlantic University and the Department of Information Technology Services at Old Dominion University.
Hear how the VMware and NVIDIA solution helped them achieve consistent performance, and improve the virtual experience for students and faculty.

Webinar Replay Featuring USC’s Viterbi School of Engineering on NVIDIA & VMware
logo-viterbiFeatures representatives from USC’s Viterbi School of Engineering discussing how together, VMware and NVIDIA have helped them to expand VDI deployments and improve virtualization for distance learners.