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Library forum in Podio

What are you reading? Are you like me with a list of blogs, book title, audible, podcast…

Do you want to try a simple Content Management Solution (CMS) for your team. I guaranty you it will spark collaboration. With this Podio App your team can share any content:

  • Business Book
  • Podcast
  • Video Talks
  • Article or Blog
  • Tutorial

Start today, because this application is available for you to download on the Podio App Market.  Simply follow this link to get started:

I have included a quick tutorial guide. After viewing this 3 minute video, you will be able to search, add, and filter content in your Library forum.


By following these 3 steps, you will be able to add new content in no time:

1-Choose to add content to library

2-Complete the web form

3-Save your content


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