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How to Optimize Citrix Virtual Delivery Agent?


Question: Does Citrix has a tool to optimize the Operating System (OS) of the Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA) master image?


Answer: Yes, you can download #Citrix Optimizer – Beta (v1.0.0.16).

This tool was created  June 21, 2017 and recently updated on October 21, 2017. Follow this link:

“The Citrix Optimizer is a Windows tool to help Citrix administrators optimize various components in their environment, most notably operating system with Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA). The tool is PowerShell based, but also includes a graphical UI.

Citrix Optimizer can run in three different modes:

Analyze – analyze the current system against a specified template and display any differences
Execute – apply the optimizations from the template
Rollback (available in PowerShell only for Beta release) – revert the optimization changes applied previously”

To help us improve Citrix Optimizer, please send your feedback to



Your mobile phone can do it all

Mobile user’s dream to only cary their phone to their workplace.
Lot’s of good reasons have pushed us to drag both our phone and laptop wherever we work.

With this new partnership, it’s no longer the case. Now your mobile phone can do it all. It has the power and flexibility to connect you to your virtual office!

With Samsung DeX and Citrix Cloud technologies, your mobile workforce can rely on a single device to get their job done. Your mobile phone has the power to deliver a great user experience when accessing native mobile app and/or a fully functioning Citrix virtual desktop.

All you have to do is plug your Samsung device on a DeX station. Citrix users can launch Citrix Receiver from inside DeX to access all their desktops and Apps, all powered by their phone.

Here “How Samsung Dex and Citrix Are Changing Mobile Computing” from Natalie Zfat –Samsung Video Correspondent– and  Steve Sieron –Citrix Sr.Alliance Manager–

See this quick demo from Chris Fleck –VP & Citrix Technical Fellow– on how to “Unpack a New Way to Work” by @chrisfleck 

For more on this partnership check out Sean Donahue —@SeanDo40– blog post:


This is how the future works: Citrix & Red Bull Racing

Citrix is helping Red Bull Racing re-imagine how they work at the track, the garage, the factory, and everywhere in between.

The chalenge: Two cars on racetrack packed with 100 sensors each streaming live data

In this short video, here from Al Peasland –Head of Technical Partnerships at Red Bull Racing– about the unreal data in real time.
“Citrix allows us to access [real-time data] anywhere in the world in near real-time. The Citrix tools are helping us to optimize who we actually send to the racetrack and who we can now retain within our UK operation. [Red Bull Racing operation] know they can access data real time, and offer a valid contribution to the team without having to fly thousands of miles around the world each year.”

Al Peasland added: “It is really about adding efficiency and flexibility to the team.” […] “Ultimately that’s playing out for the rest of the business and hopefully results on track”

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