Your mobile phone can do it all

Mobile user’s dream to only cary their phone to their workplace.
Lot’s of good reasons have pushed us to drag both our phone and laptop wherever we work.

With this new partnership, it’s no longer the case. Now your mobile phone can do it all. It has the power and flexibility to connect you to your virtual office!

With Samsung DeX and Citrix Cloud technologies, your mobile workforce can rely on a single device to get their job done. Your mobile phone has the power to deliver a great user experience when accessing native mobile app and/or a fully functioning Citrix virtual desktop.

All you have to do is plug your Samsung device on a DeX station. Citrix users can launch Citrix Receiver from inside DeX to access all their desktops and Apps, all powered by their phone.

Here “How Samsung Dex and Citrix Are Changing Mobile Computing” from Natalie Zfat –Samsung Video Correspondent– and  Steve Sieron –Citrix Sr.Alliance Manager–

See this quick demo from Chris Fleck –VP & Citrix Technical Fellow– on how to “Unpack a New Way to Work” by @chrisfleck 

For more on this partnership check out Sean Donahue —@SeanDo40– blog post:


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