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A closer look at VMware Cloud Foundation

VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) delivers a unified SDDC platform for the hybrid cloud — Private cloud and Public cloud together. It combines vSphere, Virtual SAN, and NSX into a single platform that can be deployed on premise or run as-a-service from the public cloud.

Why should I use VCF ?

Source: VMWorld 2016

What’s in it?

by Alberto Farronato, Sr. Director Product Marketing, at VMware

For more details, check this 50 min technical deep dive

By Kyle Gleed, Technical Marketing Group Manager, at VMware

Finally, I wanted to share this short demonstration of how to image a rack in a VCF instance.

Published on Dec 21, 2016
The imaging process will deploy and perform the “first-boot” configuration of the two top-of-rack switches, the management switch, and the 12 qualified vSAN Ready Nodes in the system.


Containers for the Enterprise a Red Hat virtual Event


VMware vExpert 2016


I am very proud to become a again… Made it two years in a row.


Thanks to all of you guys out there helping to increase our knowledge!

VMware vExpert 2016


Best of Synergy 2014 – VSC for Apache CloudStack

Best of Synergy win in the Cloud Category

Our submission was for the Virtual Storage Console for Apache CloudStack which enables simplified storage management from the cloud. An important point to mentioned is that it was an attendee-chosen award. To download this tools follow this link to our community pages

Greg Fox, Director of Citrix Ready and Cedric Courteix, Technical Alliance Manager at NetApp discuss the NetApp Virtual Storage Console (VSC) for Apache CloudStack, integrated with Citrix XenServer, fully orchestrates key storage management tasks by extending and exposing a core set of functionality to cloud administrators. Learn more at

The Virtual Storage Console for Apache CloudStack fully orchestrates key storage management tasks by extending and exposing a core set of functionality to cloud administrators. 
The integration is an Apache CloudStack (ACS) plugin, which includes operations such as provisioning of primary and secondary storage, virtual machine backup and recovery, storage efficiency, storage analytics, and more. This plug-in is distinguished from the traditional ACS workflows by applying NetApp best practices to provisioning operations, and by offloading backup and recovery to the storage tier.

Read here for more details on the “Best of Synergy 2014” winners and finalists.


CloudStack Collaboration Conference

Where and When? Amsterdam from November 20th to 22th

If you want to learn more about this conference check out the link and video from Sameer Dholakia –Citrix Cloud GM– below:




Register to Citrix Sessions at #NTAPInsight

Citrix -Platinum sponsor for Insight and strategic NetApp partner- is running some key sessions at Insight. Don’t forget to register to attend these sessions at Insight -#NTAPINsight.

Session: VI-2-911
Title: Simplify Data Sharing and Storage with Citrix ShareFile and NetApp

Bootcamp: VI-2-910
Title: Desktop Virtualization redefined with Citrix XenDesktop 7

Title: Expert Partner Forum session on Citrix

LogoSFBlogVI-2-911 Abstract: According to analyst research, users from 80%+ Fortune 500 companies use unmanaged cloud storage increasing great corporate data leakage and security risks. To help IT regain control, Citrix offers ShareFile, an enterprise-class, IT-managed, follow-me data service. Citrix ShareFile gives IT the flexibility to store data in Citrix-managed cloud storage, on premise or both. Citrix has partnered with NetApp to provide customers with a high-performance storage option to deploy ShareFile on premise, with data never leaving customer’s data center.

In this session you will learn:

–        How ShareFile provides secure data access as part of Citrix’s enterprise mobility solutions.
–        Technical deep dive on ShareFile On-Premise architecture and features: StorageZones and Active Directory Integration.
–        Technical NetApp integrations with ShareFile.

VI-2-910 Abstract: Citrix recently released XenDesktop 7, a truly re-designed unified solution to deliver cloud-ready application and desktop service delivery from any type of private, public and hybrid cloud. Through embedded cloud integration XenDesktop 7 simplifies the hardware and storage sizing and planning process by allowing IT admins to deliver both applications and desktops from a single instance to simplify smaller deployments or span deployments across a variety of clouds making it easy to quickly expand the infrastructure footprint and putting less restrictions on upfront planning and sizing. XenDesktop 7 is also more mobile ready than ever providing secure, mobile access to Windows apps on any device and any location.

In this session you will learn:
–        What’s new with Project Avalon and XenDesktop 7 architecture.
–        Technically understand why XenDesktop 7 is mobile and cloud ready.
–        NetApp integrations with XenDesktop, CloudBridge, CloudPlatform and ShareFile.
–        Demos.

An Expert Partner Forum session on Citrix on Citrix where our NetApp Product Manager on Citrix will be covering Citrix desktop virtualization (XenDesktop), enterprise cloud deployments (CloudStack/CloudPlatform) where we have large deployments 40k-100k desktops running on FlexPod in a cloud deployment, and file sharing (on-premise, private cloud ‘dropbox’ like solution) on NetApp with numerous deployments worldwide sharing our roadmap and having an open discussion.



Accelerating SnapMirror with CloudBrige

How CloudBridge accelerate Snap Mirror DC to DC replication?

One of the key topics we will be highlighting at Synergy this year is around Citrix CloudBridge for NetApp SnapMirror.

SnapMirror is a key element of the Disaster Recovery strategy for NetApp customers and has its own WAN optimizations mechanism – Based on window size (2MB), Compression and Deduplication.CloudBridge

CloudBridge can speed up even more this data flow by acting as a WAN accelerator for NetApp SnapMirror traffic. Test results have demonstrated a gain of factor ten. This means that your local SnapShot are transfered ten time faster. If other traffics compete with the SnapMirror data stream, CloudBridge has the ability to do application classification, shaping and prioritization. This ensure that SnapMirror can run in combination with other critical applications.

Here is a view of the architecture that Citrix and NetApp jointly tested:


Two of the breakout sessions are directly targeting this topic. If you happen to stop by the NetApp booth #207 during the show please take a few minutes to check the demo stations.

For more information on this product checkout this joint document.