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Containers for the Enterprise a Red Hat virtual Event


Webinar – Southwest Florida Management District deploys ArcGIS Pro on VMware Horizon with NVIDIA GRID vGPU

Date:  Thursday January 28 – Time: 8:00 am PST / Registration Link

ArcGIS Pro represents a great advancement in GIS software, permitting linked 2D and 3D map windows in a 64-bit multi-threaded application.

The latest rendering technologies with OpenGL and DirectX are employed to take advantage of modern hardware resources across multiple platforms; laptops, PCs, workstations and virtual environments.  One area we are excited about is using ArcGIS Pro in virtual environments with VMware Horizon with NVIDIA GRID vGPU. ArcGIS Pro delivers a game-like user experience, giving access to all the features of Pro from anywhere, at any time, on any device.  Esri and Southwest Florida Water Management District will present on the IT benefits of delivering virtual desktops and end users perspectives of moving to a virtualization solution.

By attending this webinar, you will learn about ESRI, VMware, and NVIDIA synergies:
ArcGIS Pro, the newest addition to the ArcGIS for Desktop suite, is a modern, 64-bit, multithreaded application that provides integrated 2D and 3D spatial analysis and visualization in one package. As with ArcMap, ArcGIS Pro is expected to be successfully virtualized by countless companies and organizations.

Date:  Thursday January 28 – Time: 8:00 am PST / Registration Link




Webinar – Deploy VMware Horizon 6 with NVIDIA GRID 2.0

Replay on ReadyTalk Conferencing
You need to deploy immersive, high-powered 3D graphics to your users, cost-effectively, with performance that scales – but not sure where to start? Let our experts walk you through everything you need to know, from evaluation, to GPU profiles, to sizing your environment, configuration, install and more! We’ll show you the best practices and tips to running and managing an optimized environment with NVIDIA with VMware Horizon 6, using the latest GRID 2.0 technology. We’ll put all the pieces together so you can hit the ground running with high-performance desktops.

By attending this webinar, you will learn:

  • NVIDIA GRID with VMware Horizon 6 solution overview
  • Installing and configuring your environment
  • Tips & tricks to optimize

Replay on ReadyTalk Conferencing


Esri User Conference 2015




Final countdown to Esri User Conference

To learn more about this event, check out these two blog from John Meza and I:


Additionally, NVIDIA just released an Application Guide dedicated to ArcGIS Pro with GRID vGPUs running VMware vSphere 6 with Horizon 6.

esri-app-guide-thumbPlease download it using this link:




Scaling out 3D virtual desktops




S5542Scaling Out Virtual GPU with NVIDIA GRID and VMware Horizon

Clint Pearson – IT Systems Lead, HDR Inc.
John Meza – Performance Engineering Team Lead, Esri
Aivars Apsite – Technology Strategist, Metro Health
Pat Lee – Senior Product Manager, VMware
Luke Wignall – Performance Engineering Manager, NVIDIA

Let’s review your design options to provide access for graphical intense applications — MRI, CAD, and others — in a virtual desktop environment. In this session, I will demonstrate the benefits of adding NVIDIA GRID cards to dedicate GPU for horizon View applications. Soon you will be able to virtualize the GPU hardware and share it among multiple View desktops. NVIDIA GRID vGPU on VMware vSphere brings the full benefit of virtualized graphics acceleration on NVIDIA GRID. This technology provides exceptional graphics performance for virtual desktops equivalent to local PCs when sharing a GPU among multiple users.

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NVIDIA® GRID™ Graphics Accelerated Virtual Desktops with Horizon



NVIDIA at VMWorld 2014

  • Receive advices from customers who implemented high performance 3D graphics with NVIDIA. Session#EUC3102
  • VMware Horizon & NVIDIA deliver flexible, high performance 3D desktops, Session #EUC2028
  • Delivering amazing end user experience with Cisco and NVIDIA GRID. Cisco booth 1217 at VMworld 3:30pm on Monday, August 25th




See more at:


Best of Synergy 2014 – VSC for Apache CloudStack

Best of Synergy win in the Cloud Category

Our submission was for the Virtual Storage Console for Apache CloudStack which enables simplified storage management from the cloud. An important point to mentioned is that it was an attendee-chosen award. To download this tools follow this link to our community pages

Greg Fox, Director of Citrix Ready and Cedric Courteix, Technical Alliance Manager at NetApp discuss the NetApp Virtual Storage Console (VSC) for Apache CloudStack, integrated with Citrix XenServer, fully orchestrates key storage management tasks by extending and exposing a core set of functionality to cloud administrators. Learn more at

The Virtual Storage Console for Apache CloudStack fully orchestrates key storage management tasks by extending and exposing a core set of functionality to cloud administrators. 
The integration is an Apache CloudStack (ACS) plugin, which includes operations such as provisioning of primary and secondary storage, virtual machine backup and recovery, storage efficiency, storage analytics, and more. This plug-in is distinguished from the traditional ACS workflows by applying NetApp best practices to provisioning operations, and by offloading backup and recovery to the storage tier.

Read here for more details on the “Best of Synergy 2014” winners and finalists.


Choose How Data is Accessed, Shared, and Protected #SYN115

You’re invited…

For the second year in a row, I have the opportunity to present at Synergy #SYN115 with Adam Lotz – Product Manager for Citrix ShareFile. Our goal in this short session is to entertain you with demos related to our joint solutions.

You can’t miss this session it is scheduled just before the Synergy Party on Thursday, May 8th from 4:30PM to 5:15PM. You’re welcome to attend in your party outfit, so we could converge together to the event after the session.

#SYN115Empower Enterprises to Choose How Data is Accessed, Shared, and Protected

ShareFile has changed the way I collaborate and exchange information. My entire home directory that resides on my laptop is seamlessly synchronized with an on-premise Clustered Data ONTAP storage system. I can access and modify the exact same data on my laptop, phone, and tablet. Sharing large files has enabled me to be more productive when interacting internally at NetApp or with people out side of my organization.

Give it a try! You will love its user-friendly features. On top of that, you will save space on your storage system, increase space dynamically, and easily recover files and folders with a sweet plugin…  SF_Recovery

This figure describes the users activity in my NetApp environment

Additionally, here are the details of all our sessions:

Accelerating Business Value with Citrix & NetApp Customer Panel

Tuesday, May 6th @ 2:00PM – 2:45PM

In this live discussion, hear real life customers who have successfully deployed and now enjoy the benefits of their Citrix environments from XenDesktop to ShareFile running on NetApp storage.

Building a Standardized Cloud Architecture and Self-service Portal with Ease

Wednesday, May 7th  @ 4:30PM – 5:15PM

Learn how organizations have deployed a cloud-based desktop virtualization solution to thousands of users with a combined solution from Citrix, NetApp and Cisco. The benefits include simplified operations, orchestration of management tasks, scalability to thousands of devices and guaranteed quality of service.

Architecting XenDesktop Solutions with NetApp

Thursday, May 8th  @ 9:30AM – 10:15AM

This session will give you the tools to successfully deploy scalable Citrix XenDesktop solutions with NetApp Clustered Data ONTAP and E Series Flash Arrays. Topics will include storage and software configuration best practices, performance testing results and utilization of the NetApp Data ONTAP PowerShell Toolkit to speed provisioning and management.

Take a moment and stop by the NetApp Booth 201. We’ll treat you well and show you how our solution can help your business. More details on all of our sessions, mini theatre events, and associated times can be found here.



Google Hangout- File Acceleration in the Cloud with Datamation

BlSgua4CMAASN5f Live G+Hangout…
I will be participating in a video roundtable with three experts next Tuesday at 4PM EST. We will discuss technologies for moving files quickly on and off the cloud.
  • Is it possible to accelerate file movement without consuming excessive bandwidth?
  • In what scenarios are file acceleration most important?
  • What are the best practices for file acceleration in the cloud?

Please join us to discuss a topic that will surely become a key issue in the years ahead.

See more at:

Shirish Phatak, CEO, Talon Storage
Karl Brown, Cloud Networking Group, Citrix
Cedric Courteix,Technical Alliance Manager, NetApp
James Bagley, analyst, SSG-Now

Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.



Talk to us @ Summit 2014

Accelerate Your Deals with NetApp – Citrix Preferred Storage Partner!

Come by the NetApp Booth 306 during Summit to meet our sales and technical experts and learn how our joint sales teams and channel partners are winning together.

It starts with the very best technology integrations our teams have worked together on during our ten-year strategic partnership….


Hear our execs talk about our joint solutions and showcase three customer stories: 
Joint Solutions and Customers Showcase (4 min, .mp4)

Some exciting new things you’ll learn about:

  • Best In Class Converged Infrastructure with FlexPod Datacenter
  • Storage as low as $35/desktop
  • Industry’s first fully automated recovery solution for ShareFile
  • Easy button automation for storage deployment and management

The partnership also benefits from the common synergies with our joint strategic partnership, initiatives, and sales team collaboration with Cisco…


See how we’ve teamed together to win:

NetApp, Citrix and Cisco Winning Together at the University of Sao Paulo (3 min, .mp4 download)

And just as important are our channel partners who deliver the best solutions to our customers…


Come by Booth 306 and learn what Citrix and NetApp joint solutions are all about. After learning about our joint solutions, you can be qualified to win a GoPro when you subscribe for our newsletter at